About Epona

Epona is an international freight forwarding company providing reliable and cost-effective supply chain support solutions with a specialization in complex projects and difficult-to-reach destinations.  Our team provides customized solutions for successfully delivering international air and ocean freight, worldwide air and ocean charters, customs brokerage, and logistics support.

Core Competenciesephona_keycapability

Epona manages worldwide cargo transportation by selecting the most efficient and best value air, sea or land solution to deliver goods on time and on budget.  Epona manages routine shipments as well as well as out-of-gauge and complex cargoes to challenging destinations.  Our experience includes the shipment of hazardous materials, temperature controlled and perishable cargoes, humanitarian relief cargoes, live animals, and U.S. diplomatic and secure military shipments. In addition, Epona has expertise with various logistics services such as United States flag shipping, courier accompanied shipment, United States Department of State approved transit plans, and documentary credit compliance.

Charter Projects

Epona has managed a large number of highly successful charter flights flown by a variety of aircraft including the Antonov-124 and 12, Boeing-747 and the Ilyushin-76 (Stage II and IV). We have a 100% on-time and on budget track record and a specialization in difficult destinations, often with time-sensitive, cleared courier accompanied and secure cargo.  Epona also has experience in chartering ocean vessels for larger or less time-sensitive projects.

Warehousing, Crating and Palletizing

We support the full range of goods and requirements, including sensitive and/or classified projects. Our capability to store, pack and ship your goods securely and efficiently are United States Department of State standards and regulations approved.

Complex Cargoes

Epona specializes in creating custom solutions for the delivery of complex cargoes to worldwide destinations.  Our team of professionals works with live animals, out-of-gauge machinery, secure cargoes and dangerous goods, maintaining 24/7 contact with our clients to ensure seamless and on-time delivery.  Our network of proven, reliable international agents carefully manage every step required to properly handle and ship dangerous goods from advance preparation through retrieval, classification, packing, shipping, and delivery.

Customs Brokerage

Epona has a Licensed Customs Broker on staff, available to assist importers and exporters in meeting Federal requirements. In order to hold this license, the broker passes rigorous requirements demonstrating expertise in the entry procedures, admissibility requirements, classification, valuation, and the rates of duty and applicable taxes and fees for imported merchandise.

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