Specialized Services


Compliance with laws, regulations and a code of ethics is essential for any type of business. It is essential that your logistics partner understands and follows all rules and regulations when handlings your goods. We work with our clients to develop compliance procedures for our mutual benefit. Building compliance strategies as part of Standard Operating Procedures gives our clients a competitive edge.

Epona regularly handles US controlled items on behalf of our clients. We ensure that our clients are fully compliant with US laws and regulations as well as those of the destination country.  Epona also works with our clients on compliance through our export license services.

Preparation of shipping documents – Documents move your export shipment from its origin to its destination. Truck bills of lading, rail bills, ocean bills of lading, air waybills, Shipper’s Export Declarations, invoices, certificates of origin, bank drafts, and consular forms are just some of the documents which may be required on any export shipment.

Members of our team who specialize in the preparation of required documents will move your shipments safely and efficiently through the export process.

Consular and Chamber of Commerce certification, notary services and legalization - Many countries, primarily in the Middle East, require that shipping documents be notarized and legalized by their consulates in the United States. Epona is well versed in these requirements and will assist you in becoming compliant. Prior to shipping your freight, we will confirm with our overseas agent that all the documents are in order to avoid any delays or unnecessary costs.

Documentary credits – We are experienced in the field of International documentary credits such as letters of credit and sight draft. Our staff and a strong quality control ensure that our clients receive accurate shipping documentation in a timely manner. All Documentary Credits are scrutinized by senior staff to ensure minimal custom delays and timely payment.

Application for U.S. Department of Commerce and ITAR licenses – Epona can manage the licensing process for our client’s regulated exports in compliance with all export control laws.


Epona ensures that all cargoes classified as hazardous materials are in full compliance with IMO, IATA or DOT regulations by working closely with reputable partners. We provide transportation solutions for various commodities of Dangerous Goods transported throughout the world.

Live Animals

Laboratory animals – Laboratory animals represent months of invaluable research and therefore must be handled accordingly when shipped overseas. Epona handles shipments of laboratory animals worldwide on a weekly basis. We assist our clients in obtaining country specific permits and health certificates to export the animals safely and expeditiously. We work only with accredited partners worldwide to ensure that the delivery of the animals to their final destination is done according to strict operational and ethical rules.

Other animals – Epona staff is experienced in moving cattle, horses and other large animals on commercial flights or via full charters.

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