Cost and Expertise Optimization

Epona’s Management Team offers over a half century of combined cargo transportation experience, including top management of large-scale air charter and project cargo programs, transporting highly sensitive equipment and commodities. We have designed our internal processes to prioritize the customer’s mission objectives are met and their financial bottom line is protected. 

To optimize our logistics solutions and customer experience, we focus first on customer needs, expectations, understanding commodity specific, required delivery dates and then work a logistics solution backwards from the required delivery date to ensure your cargo arrives on-time, in compliance, and on budget. Often, we provide multiple quotes outlining different delivery options, modes of transportation, expected delivery dates and pricing, which allow our customers to choose the transport option that meets their delivery objectives and budget.

On-Time Delivery

Supply chain delays seem to be an unavoidable reality in present day logistics and both importers and exporters should prepare for these delays to continue through the foreseeable future. Companies which place a priority on supply chain efficiencies and mitigating future delays to the best extent possible can expect to save on labor costs, company overhead and increase cashflow efficiency depending on the shipping inco terms. 

Through detailed planning, preparation, execution, and transparent communication, Epona has successfully maintained an average 98.9% on-time delivery rate over the past five (5) years.  Data from each door-to-door and door-to-port shipment Epona manages fuels this Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and we take great pride in exceeding your required delivery date objectives.

24/7 Support

When the delivery of your sensitive cargo shipment is time critical, traditional online tracking and web support aren’t enough. Now more than ever shipments are prone for delay and having a trusted and dedicated cargo services provider available 24/7 to personally navigate your shipment through a difficult customs clearance process in an austere environment 9 times zones ahead will be the difference between your on-time delivery, and shipment delay with added costs.

Customers receive direct contact details for Epona operations employees managing door-to-door shipment and our operations management is personally available 24/7 by email and phone for any emergencies.