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No matter how complex your program’s cargo transport needs may seem, Epona’s turnkey Departure to Destination services offer transparent visibility and seamless integration from the moment the cargo is available for pickup and through to last mile delivery overseas. From ocean container procurement, inventory control, packaging, crating, container loading, blocking & bracing, delivery of loaded container to origin port, export compliance reporting, cargo transport to OCONUS ports, duty free/tax free customs clearance, payment of VAT on your behalf, and last mile delivery to remote and austere environments; we’ve got you covered! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your cargo is damaged in-transit, are you insured and if so, to what extent? Even with the added protection of internal packaging and external crating, and despite recent safety advancements within the supply chain industry; accidents occur. The Montreal Convention, which governs limits of liability within the supply chain industry holds carriers responsible for only pennies per Lbs of cargo and leaves the shipper (you the customer) responsible for the rest of the cargo value. To mitigate our customer’s liability, Epona Logistics offers CIF+10% insurance coverage for goods in storage and throughout the shipment’s door-to-door transit and delivery.  This insurance covers the value of goods, cost of insurance, the value of freight costs and allows the insured to buffer that total amount by an additional 10%.


For detailed discussion about your company’s cargo insurance needs, please reach out to sales@eponalogistics.com 

While airlines, ocean carriers, trucking companies and railways all use different formulas to calculate total shipping costs, all calculations first start with an understanding of the shipment’s weight and volume. Oversized, Out of Gauge (OOG), overweight cargo, and hazardous goods all present unique transport challenges and pricing nuances. 

Next we must understand where we are delivering cargo and when it needs to be delivered. Answering these questions will show us which modes of transportation are available to meet the required delivery date and which priority level is most appropriate. 

Our online quoting link captures relevant shipment details including size, weight, commodity details, U.S. Flag cargo preference, delivery requirements, and customer expectations. We work backwards from your required delivery date to ensure your mission objectives are met and cost-effective transport solutions via the most appropriate mode(s) of transportation are provided.