QuarterLine Consulting Services, LLC (QuarterLine) and Epona Logistics have announced that the two companies have further integrated, expanding their work in supply chain management and global healthcare. Epona, an international freight forwarding company, was acquired by QuarterLine in 2013 to broaden the company’s global reach and expand service offerings, including international supply chain management. Epona provides reliable and cost-effective freight forwarding and supply chain support solutions by applying commercial and Government best practices to achieve innovative and dependable solutions.

About Epona https://eponalogistics.com/
Epona manages worldwide cargo transportation by selecting the most efficient and best value air, sea or land solution to deliver goods on time and on budget. Epona manages routine shipments as well as well as out-of-gauge and complex cargoes to challenging destinations. Epona’s experience includes the shipment of hazardous materials, temperature controlled and perishable cargoes, humanitarian relief cargoes, live animals, and U.S. diplomatic and secure military shipments. In addition, Epona has expertise with various logistics services such as U.S. flag shipping, courier accompanied shipment, shipping document preparation and compliance, United States Department of State approved General and Individual Shipping plan preparation, and documentary credit compliance. Epona also has Licensed Customs Broker capabilities, providing its clients in meeting federal customs requirements for imports and exports, as well as access to all necessary clearance services. Epona is a wholly owned subsidiary of QuarterLine and is headquartered in McLean, VA.

About QuarterLine http://www.quarterline.com/
QuarterLine delivers a wide range of health solutions and insights to public and private sector clients. QuarterLine specializes in providing clinical and consulting services, as well as subject matter expertise to federal, state and private sector customers. QuarterLine supports a diverse client base in all areas of health, including supply chain management and global healthcare. QuarterLine is headquartered in McLean, VA and has a regional office in Raleigh, NC.

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